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Building Site Evaluations


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A potential building site evaluated by Seay Construction means that the site has been visited by Marshall Seay, Licensed General Contractor and builder of both residential and commercial projects in North and South Carolina. Owned and operated by Mr. Seay, Seay Construction offers extensive experience in the building industry, representing three generations of quality builders.

Not only does Mr. Seay establish his opinion of the potential of the building site but extensive research is done so that we can quickly answer the buyer’s questions accurately.

Questions such as:

           * Is this property in a township or rural area?

*How much would the site prep cost to get this lot ready for construction?

*Does the property have a septic permit? A well permit?

* "The slope is so bad but the view is heavenly...how could we build on it?" 

Does this county have special ordinances regarding new construction?

* Would the building inspector require special engineering to build here due to circumstances
such as slope, water concerns, altitude, ridge line restrictions, etc.?

*Is there a view? Of what?

 * Is there a current survey available?

*What are the setbacks?

* What is the altitude of this site? Is it above 1,600 feet?

           * Would my floor plan fit this property? This development?         

           * Is it city water or would I need a well?      

            *How far is the nearest hospital? Grocery store?

            *What do the neighboring homes look like? Do you have pictures?

            *Do you know of an architect in the area?

            *Would you be interested in quoting us a price to build this home?


Questions like these and many others are answered and on file for every building site or property for sale that has wisely chosen Seay Construction to do an evaluation of their property for this purpose.

Call our office directly at 864 472-3420, or Mr. Seay at 864 978-0439.

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