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Project Manager/Owner's Rep


As the owner of a construction project, your General Contractor works for you, the owner.
Many questions have to be answered and decisions have to be made in order to keep
the General Contractor moving ahead, on budget, and on time. An owner will many times choose
an additional experienced General Contractor to serve as a liaison or 'Project Manager' on his behalf.
The fee is minimal when you consider the time, money and potential problems of construction supervision.


The below example:
Five Forks Baptist Church Renovation Project, Simpsonville SC
SmithKellet General Contractors are contractors responsible and
under contract to complete the project.
Construction, also General Contractors, served in a much different, 'behind the scenes' role.



Our church renovation is a good example of how a General Contractor can serve as the 'Owner's Rep' and
save the owner much time, peace of mind, and money. As the Owners Rep for our church, we have been heavily involved in the pursuit of the repair of our failing roof system, over 6,000 square feet of sagging insulating panels. We have been active in:


  •  Planning . . . research

  • Team building - architect, deacons, attorney,
    pastors,  engineers, building committees, finances

  • Seeking, interviewing, and hiring a General Contractor

  • Serving as his 'go to guy' and hearing the concerns of our people

  • Administrating with our architect's help so our General Contractor
    can focus on getting the job done

  • Approving and processing of change orders, and in this case, we are happy that this
    job has finished on budget with no change orders


We have worked together to save this church potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars,
all starting with God's guidance and teamwork.



We are very capable of looking out for your best interest and helping take some of the stress out of the building process. Mr. Seay has a tremendous background as an active General Contractor but also has served in numerous endeavors of priceless experience.

'University of South Carolina Class of '79'
Marshall and LoriJill Seay



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