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Pricing and Popular Options

Cost-to-Build Driven by Choices

There is a direct correlation between the final cost of your home and the choices that you make regarding location,
materials, size of house, condition of building site, and the finish materials, from flooring to appliances,
countertops, interior doors, etc.
What does a home cost per square foot? This question is asked over and over and can not be answered with any
degree of accuracy until we know the size of home, the plan and the materials that you choose.
Also, the cost per square foot is mathematically associated directly with the size of the home. The larger the square footage,
the larger the number divided into the total cost
of the project, thus driving down the 'cost per square foot.' The reason for this fact, other than the math,
is the fact that the cost of the driveway, clearing, sewage disposal, water supply, land, etc., remain constant
and are just as expensive for a smaller home as it would be for a larger home.
Factors that greatly effect the cost are:
1.) Materials. We use the largest supplier in the nation and get the best products for the best possible price.
We also buy direct from the mill on our cabin logs and cabin materials, and cut out the middle man - savings we pass on to you.
2.) Building site. As a veteran builder, we can quickly recognize and predict the cost of site prop.
Our graders and site prep professionals give us a firm price.
3.) Size. Of course the bigger the size the more it will cost in materials and labor.
4.) Basements. A full, unfinished Superior Walls basement with slab, windows, doors, basic electrical, insulation,
and water proofing runs about $25.00 per square foot - the best buy in the building industry.
5.) Choice of exterior wall covering system. Logs, brick and stone are the most expensive.
Hardie plank, 1/4 log (looks just like stacked logs), and cedar siding are middle of the road.
Vinyl and engineered wood planks are the least expensive.
6.) Amount of decking and porches. Covered decking is roughly twice the cost of uncovered decking.
Covered decking runs about $34.00 per square foot and uncovered decking is about $22.00 per square foot.
Cement slabs vary but will usually be cheaper.
7.) Choice of windows and doors. There is nothing wrong with builders grade vinyl Low-E, energy star windows.
However, if you must have high end, brand-name windows and doors, you can double or triple the cost in this area.
8.) Well or city water. Normally, city water is much less. A well can cost $4,000 and up,
according to the depth of the well required to find water.
9.) Septic tank system or city sewer. Usually not much difference in cost.
10.) Choice of finishes. Wood or carpet? Laminate counter tops, or granite? Custom cabinets, or unboxed and put together?
Twelve different paint colors, or three? Three inch molding, or 8" triple crown? These faucets or those?
Custom tiled shower or one-piece fiberglass shower-tub combo? Etc., etc., etc.


Popular options, up fits and add-ons

Many items effect the cost of a cabin. For your convenience, we will show you some of the options that we offer and the
approximate cost for each option. That way you can plan and control spending, putting your money where you most desire.
"Have it your way," and within your budget.

Option #1   'The Bump'
We offer the 'bump' at either end, or both ends of your home. A bump is a 2' increase in length. If your cabin is 28' wide,
this would be an additional 56 square feet.


Option #2 'The Gable Dormers'
The gable dormer is a great way to add ‘that look’ to the front, giving light and added space.
It is also a great way to add in a loft bathroom. Check out our dormers.  They are large,
 6-8 feet, and nicely done inside and out. But keep in mind the gable dormer is an option, not a necessity.
Many customers do not include dormers because they have other priorities.

mauldin frontshed dormershed mcd

Option #3  'The Shed Dormer' 
The shed dormer is usually done in the loft area to open the area upstairs for added bedroom, study,
or bath area upstairs.

front100 1113carp back deckmauldin deckspitzer deckeagans tree

Option #4  'Covered Decking'
Now we're talking cabin! Our covered decking features 4 x 6 pine beams covered with 8” tongue and groove pine.
Bring your own rocker.

lakesidejohnson frontfor web

Option #5  'Wraparound Porches'
A favorite.  A low country look for a high country application allowing owner to enjoy 360 degree views.
Add a French door to the master suite and walk out for a breath of fresh air or a simple gaze at the night stars.
The wraparound porch can be 6’ wide or more. Our model porch is 8’ wide. Screened porches are also popular
as a portion of the wraparound porch.

window wallwindow wall2kimbrell windows

Option #6  'The Window Gable'
A tremendous addition to the upstairs and loft areas often pointed directly at the best view.
Many patterns to choose from.  A great way to catch views from loft & upstairs area and
see the stars & moon from downstairs.

basement 1basement 2

Option #7  'Full Basement'
Many of your hillside lots are perfect for a walkout basement. This option can double your floor space –
a basement is a great value because it is so cost effective.  Forget the old dungeon! 
Today’s basement has a day wall with windows, French doors, walk out decking and comes completely dry.
We guarantee our basements to be engineered sound and dry. Most of our plans accommodate a basement feature. 
Added bedrooms or simply additional recreational area, or even a garage,
a basement is a ‘no brainer’ if you have a sloped lot!
We offer Superior Wall Basement Systems!

exterior planksexterior logs821 pheasant

Option #8  'Exterior Wall Product'
The full log, stacked horizontally, comes in widths from 5" to 12", according to style of log. Our most popular log is the
6 x 8" 'D' log profile. These logs have several unique qualities and corner methods.
We also offer 1/4 log siding that looks just like the full log, including corners. The 1/4 log siding advantage is in price and
energy efficiency. We offer most any other siding product from Hardie lapped siding, engineered wood planks,
board and batten to brick, stone, or yes...even vinyl. Your least expensive option would be engineered wood planks or vinyl,
with stone being the most expensive.
Cost:  according to plan and choice of wood

**Note:  1/4 log or 1/2 log options come with full log corners.  The look is the same as full log. 
1/4 log or 1/2 log simply leave room for insulation and greatly
enhances R-value and energy efficiency while helping preserve our forests.

mauldin int1maulsin int 2mauldin int 3
mauldin int 5int 6int 7

Option #9  'Interior Options'
Have it your way. All wood, wood and drywall blend, fireplaces, hardwood floors, granite, pocket doors, French interior doors.
All this and much more will you see, when you browse this site.

sykes loftloft

Option #10 'The Loft'
The shed dormer is a great way to open up a loft area for additional floor space.
Use for lounging, office, added bedroom/bath or whatever. With the ‘window gable’, the loft provides for nice views
and wonderful night skies.

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