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It's what you don't see that counts.

It has long been said that "It's what you do not see in construction that counts." This page is dedicated to showing you how we at Seay Construction, build homes with the emphasis on quality construction methods. For instance, once concrete is  poured, it all looks the same, but it is the "prep before the pour" that determines the longevity, strength, success and durability. The same is true about the load bearing wall connection methods, screw and nail patterns, etc.

Remember that "code adherence" is an absolute minimum requirement that you should expect.
We build each home on a solid foundation, and with the care necessary for it to withstand the natural weathering process.

Here is a look inside our homes, before the pour, before the cover, and finished. You will see how our homes far exceed the local building codes and the care given where it counts the most, "under the cover."




Here are some examples of what you don't see during construction.
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Here are samples of some of our finished construction.
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