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Dad started Seay Construction  in 1965 with the help of his four boys. Our experience is broad based, including conventional and custom homes, but also lake homes and log homes as well. During the boom time of 1997 through 2007, we were building mostly log homes, cottages and
vacation homes, as the demand was enormous.
Now the demand is again for conventional and custom homes for  primary residences.
Whatever your need, we have the experience to help make your dream a reality.

We work directly with each home owner, usually starting with planning and design, then permitting, clearing, foundation...all the way throughout the building process.  In the end a customer, having built their own design, has the home they desire at the agreed upon price with very detail being their own choice. A home like no other. That is what 'custom' means. You may have it your way.
Yes, we have built a spec home or two, but our business has been custom building. That is why we work so well with our customers. Experience is a teacher; that is why we are very good with remodels and up fitting. We work directly with our customers on planning, and we stick to the plan. Some of our homes are pictured, and many of our architects plans are made available here,
under our 'Floor plans' tab. Any plan can be altered, and our architect is not only the best, he is very reasonable. I hope you enjoy our website.

 Marshall Seay
Owner, General Contractor, Seay Construction

kitchen front down front lroom
lroomout steps decks int loft
carp 151 livroom shower deck covered

Here are samples of some of our custom homes.
Click  to enlarge pictures.

'Custom Mauldin'

'Custom Minahan'


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